Network Switches in Stock


Network Switches in Stock

Core/Distribution Switch

  • Aruba Series:  8325, 8360,
  • Meraki Series: MS450, MS420, MS410, MS425,
  • Juniper Series: QFX5130, QFX5120, QFX5200, QFX5100, QFX5210, QFX220, QFX5230, QFX5240, EX4600, EX4650, EX4500, EX4550,
  • Cisco Series: Catalyst 4500X

Access Switch

  • Aruba Series:  3810M, 6000, 2930M, 6300F, 6300M, 6200M, 6200F, 6100, 2930F,
  • Meraki Series: MS130, MS125, MS320, MS220, MS120, MS350, MS225, MS250, MS21o,
  • Juniper Series: EX2200-C, EX3200, EX2200, EX4200, EX3400, EX4100, EX4300, EX4400, EX3300, EX2300,
  • Cisco Catalyst Series: 6800, 3560, 9200CX, 3560CX, 3500, 2960G, 3560E, 2960, 2960C, 3560, 3560G, 3560V2, 2960CX, 3560C, 1000, 2960L, 2960S, 2960X, 2960XR, 9200, 3850, 9300X, 3750E, 3750, 3750G, 3750V2, 9300L, 9300LM, 3850, 9300, 3750X, 6880,  9200L

Ruggedized/Outdoor Switch

  • Cisco Series: IE 3500, IE 2000, IE 3000, IE 4000, IE 4010,

Data Center Switch

  • Cisco Series: Nexus 2K, Nexus 3K, Nexus 6K, Nexus 9K, Nexus 5K , C9500, C9500X

Case Study

Hardware that can no longer be purchased through channels doesn’t mean it’s not needed. If you have a stack of (7) 3750X switches and one fails, the channel’s only solution is a stack of 7 new C9300s. $36,828.30 to replace a stack, not to mention the unplanned recovery time it will take to replace 7 switches. A single 3750X from us cost $950 and only requires that you change out 1 switch.