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Expert IT Assessments

Better decisions start with better data. Edgeium’s IT assessments give you a clear picture of your entire IT infrastructure and empower you to make sound decisions for your business. 

Leave No Stone Unturned

Our IT Assessment is a top-to-bottom review of your technology portfolio. Combining automated software and in-person analysis, we’ll compile a complete list of users, devices and applications currently in use. Findings from the IT Assessment are presented to your key stakeholders, along with expert commentary and recommendations from our senior leadership. IT Assessment Benefits Edgeium’s IT Assessment is an ideal starting point for several IT initiatives. Conducting an assessment early in the process ensures your organization is working with the most complete data. Our IT Assessments support company-wide IT initiatives like:

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    Cloud Strategy & Migration

    Make a seamless transition. An IT Assessment from Edgeium will deliver critical insights into your needs and priorities for a cloud-based platform.

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    Hardware Upgrades

    Spend wisely. Our IT Assessments offer a vital opportunity to evaluate your short-term and long-term hardware needs as well as plan future savings.

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    Maintenance Contract Renewals

    Make sure you’re covered. During an IT Assessment, we’ll show you the strengths and weaknesses of your current maintenance contracts and propose solutions to grant you peace of mind.

Our Edge. Your Advantage.

  • Laptop icon Technical Proficiency

    Our engineers are highly fluent in all major OEMS and softwares. Regardless of your IT portfolio’s size or complexity, we’re uniquely qualified to evaluate its strength.

  • Process icon Detailed Process

    Other IT assessment services are fully automated and may not provide an adequate view of your network. Our approach leverages both automated and manual reviews, so you get the full picture.

  • Expert guidance icon Expert Guidance

    Our goal is not to inform, but to empower. When presenting your assessment, our team will show you how to use the data to drive meaningful change throughout your organization.

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