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Reduce network costs, build a better network, or do both with free market new and used network hardware from Edgeium.

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New Hardware

New networking equipment is available through Edgeium at a fraction of what you’re used to spending. How? Because it’s from the free market.  Edgeium is a secondary market provider for all major OEMs — 35% of our inventory is brand-new hardware in its original packaging with an average 65% discount from list. Aruba, Cisco, Juniper, and Arista are all available and ready to ship. 

Used Hardware

OEMs weave misconceptions into the hardware landscape. The reality is that used hardware can keep your operation running just as smoothly, without breaking the bank. Edgeium carefully tests each piece of used hardware for reliability, reassuring you that your network will operate efficiently.

Network Hardware

Access Switches

Connect your business’ end-user devices to your network infrastructure. Access switches facilitate secure communication and efficient data exchange with local networks. Edgeium offers access switches from multiple major OEMs, including Aruba, Meraki, Juniper, and Cisco.

  • Aruba Series: 6300M, 6300F, 6200M, 6200F, 6100, 6000, 3810M,  2930M, 2930F
  • Cisco Catalyst Series: 9300X, 9300LM, 9300L, 9300, 9200L, 9200CX, 9200, 6880, 6800, 4500X, 3850, 3750X, 3750V2, 3750G, 3750E, 3750, 3650, 3560X, 3560V2, 3560G, 3560E, 3560CX, 3560C, 3560, 3500, 2960XR, 2960X, 2960S, 2960L, 2960G, 2960CX, 2960C, 2960, 1000
  • Juniper Series: EX4400, EX4300, EX4200, EX4100, EX3400, EX3300, EX3200, EX2300, EX2200-C, EX2200
  • Meraki Series: MS390, MS355, MS350, MS320, MS250, MS225, MS220, MS210, MS130, MS125, MS120

Distribution/Core Switches

Build a more robust network with core/distribution switches. These integral components provide essential connectivity, segmentation, traffic management, and security features. Edgeium offers switches from multiple major OEMs, including Aruba, Meraki, Juniper and Cisco.

  • Aruba Series: 8360, 8325
  • Cisco Catalyst Series: 9600, 9500X, 9500, 9400, 6880, 6800, 6500, 4500
  • Juniper Series: EX4650, EX4600, EX4550, EX4500,  MX1000, MX2000, MX960, MX480, QFX5240, QFX5230, QFX5220, QFX5210, QFX5200, QFX5130, QFX5120,  QFX5110, QFX5100
  • Meraki Series: MS450, MS425, MS420, MS410

Datacenter Switches

Connect your servers and transfer data with ease. Data center switches increase the bandwidth, speed, redundancy and scalability of your network. Edgeium primarily offers both new and used Cisco data center switches.

  • Aruba: 7800R, 7500R, 7280, 7300X, 7050X, 7020
  • Cisco Nexis: 9K, 6K, 5K, 3K, 2K
  • Juniper: PTX10000

Ruggedized/Outdoor Switches

Secure your network performance, even in challenging environments. Ruggedized/outdoor switches provide resilient networking solutions for outdoor and industrial applications, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity. Edgeium primarily offers both new and used Cisco outdoor switches.

  • Cisco IE Series: 5000, 4010, 4000, 3000, 2000

Other Network Components

Explore Edgeium’s diverse inventory of both new and used network components. From service provider routers to firewalls, our team offers an array of certified hardware that reduces downtime and maximizes network efficiency.

  • Edge Routers
  • Branch Routers
  • Service Provider Routers
  • Firewalls
  • Wireless
  • VoIP

Edgeium Brand Optics

Edgeium transceivers, AOCs, DACs, and jumpers are the highest quality third party parts in the industry and cost up to 95% off OEM list prices. Edgeium brand products are nearly identical to OEM products in functionality, look, weight and feel. No special command line interface (CLI) commands are required for our products to work. 

Common Objections

Wondering if used network hardware is right for you? Our customers chose Edgeium because of our expertise in the free market. Lower costs, high availability, more options, quick shipping, reduced maintenance are just a few benefits our customers realize.


Software inherent for a device to function is transferable. That’s the law. OEMs try to blur the line between transferable software and licensed software, but a switch doesn’t switch very well from ROMMON. 

OEM Support

Buying used hardware doesn’t mean that you’ll miss out on support. As a third party maintenance provider, we offer hardware support well beyond the OEM’s end-of-life (EOL) date.


We assure you that Edgeium’s high-quality networking equipment will stand the test of time. From 10mb to 100GB, we load test every port to meet 100% of the manufacturer’s specifications. 

Cosmetic inspection
Staged for Testing
Industry Leading Test Software
Edgeium Certified

Committed to Quality

Each piece of equipment passes through Edgeium’s industry-leading testing and certification process. Our inbound inventory processes and procedures are so effective that we average a less than 1% failure rate. If any server, storage or network components fail for any reason, send it back under the terms of our Advanced Replacement Lifetime Warranty. This is why we warranty our products for as long as you use them — we don’t expect them to come back. 

Advanced Replacement Lifetime Warranty

All Edgeium-certified hardware is backed by our advanced replacement lifetime warranty, giving you total peace of mind and protecting your purchase for as long as you own the device. If a failure does occur, simply let us know and we’ll process a replacement that same day. Put the bad unit in the box that the replacement came in and send it back. Global support options with enhanced SLAs available via CovrEDGE Maintenance.

Maintenance Renewal Coming Soon?

Save up to 70% annually.

Supported Brands

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I can’t say enough about Edgeium.   I was in Houston for a scheduled upgrade and unboxing what was supposed to be a turnkey solution and realized the vendor didn’t include the needed components to complete the install.  I called Joe, and he literally had someone fly down with the parts that same day.  I couldn’t believe it.  I was able to complete the upgrade as planned.  Thank you Edgeium!

— Director of Network Engineering, Large Healthcare Conglomerate

“Edgeium’s fast turnaround on quotes, quick shipping and follow-up allows me to focus on my job — not the when and how of logistics of gear. They work easily with my team and offer technical expertise when I don’t have the time to research parts and compatibility. That alone makes my job more efficient and easier.”

— Senior Network Engineer, Top 5 Transportation Company

Very friendly, attentive, and responsive services. Amazing prices for all major name brands devices like (Dell, Cisco, Juniper., etc). Also, I’d recommend anyone to try out Edgeium brand SFP’s. They cost a fraction of the name brand and work the same as the OEM units.

— Sr. Network Engineer, Mobile Gaming Company

Edgeium branded optics are a lot better quality than many others that I’ve tried in the past. Much closer to Cisco Original than my prior vendors.

— Network Manager, Fortune 1000 Oil & Gas Company


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