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Asset Recovery Solutions

Maximize the ROI on your IT equipment with Edgeium’s asset recovery solutions. Our effortless ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) helps you manage all your end-of-life hardware — easily, quickly, and securely.

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The Easiest Way to Manage ITAD

We make it easy to close the loop on your hardware’s lifecycle. From network hardware to end-user devices, Edgeium helps you maximize every device’s residual value before decommissioning it. Unlike other IT asset recovery companies, we handle the ITAD process from beginning to end so your focus stays on your next deployment.

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Freight truck parked at a loading dock

Simple Shipping

Avoid the hidden fees. We always cover freight and packaging costs for our ITAD services. Just pack everything in our boxes and ship it off to our asset recovery center.

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Data Erasure

Keep your company’s data secure. Our IT asset recovery services follow rigorous security protocols and confirm data deletion at several points during the process.

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Hardware Valuation

See the return on your investment. Edgeium pays fair market value for your used IT hardware, issuing either cash or credit toward future Edgeium hardware purchases.

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Factor sustainability into your business practices. For items that can’t be sold, we’ll arrange for them to be recycled in accordance with e-waste guidelines.

The Return on Asset Recovery Solutions

Edgeium infuses simplicity into the ITAD process. We maximize the value of your used equipment while minimizing the effort. See for yourself — watch a demonstration of the packaging from our asset recovery center.

Our Edge. Your Advantage.

  • Thumbs up icon Total Convenience

    Our asset recovery solutions are as simple as packing a box. We’re committed to turnkey IT asset recycling that values your equipment and pays your team as quickly as possible.

  • Payment icon Flexible Payment

    We pay for your equipment, your way. Edgeium offers cash payments or credit on future purchases — just tell us what works best for you.

  • Shopping cart with up arrow icon Greater Buying Power

    Edgeium is consistently flexible in EOL hardware support. As an independent IT partner, we accept (and pay for) hardware that most asset recovery centers pass on.

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