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What is Cisco Smart Alternative Maintenance and Support

Cisco server maintenance, in addition to SmartNet services, is a reliable way of protecting your data and IT support. These are award-winning and robust services that allow access to all kinds of support for different networks right at your fingertips. From the Technical Assistance Center (TAC) to replacement/ service options and support documents, etc., Cisco grants a multitude of features. Choosing SMARTnet is a smart choice for most businesses. But it is just as smart to consider alternative maintenance and support if other solutions make more sense. So does that mean something is not right with Cisco? Not at all! Cisco Smart has options in abundance, but a single product cannot be everything everyone wants – hence the alternatives!

What Is Cisco Smart Alternative?

Imagine you have Cisco switches, and one fine day the manufacturer considers them end-of-life (EOL), discontinuing the product line along with its servicing! What can save you from unforeseen hardware downtime or failure? A Cisco Smart Alternative! It is a third party hardware replacement and maintenance service that offers you alternatives against products that Cisco may not service any longer, or the maintenance disturbs your budget. What else? You pay just a fraction for these services as opposed to what Cisco technicians would demand.

Why Choose Cisco Smart Alternative?

Customers today seek to expand their Cisco Smart benefits with complimentary technical support. However, maintenance contracts of the original equipment manufacturer can be way too expensive. This forces companies to constrict their IT budgets and find new ways to solve old problems. But continued cost-cutting makes it more challenging to safeguard business-critical network elements, particularly with scattered locations. So when you review the reality, it becomes evident that an alternative can deliver much-needed assistance.

Businesses are more likely to look for affordable and flexible professional services. Thus prudent use of Cisco Smart services coupled with an alternative maintenance and support program, can certainly help you deliver the ideal blend of network security well suited for your business goals. And here are five important reasons why choosing a Cisco Smart alternative can work in your benefit:

Saves money

The first and foremost benefit of having alternative maintenance and support is reduced pricing. Saving money is a priority, but it is imperative to be mindful of where you save. Maintenance may be a nonstrategic expense; however, it can be a smarter approach to maximize your investment value. Speaking of Cisco Smart alternatives, most third-party maintenance (TPM) programs are priced at least 50% to 70% less than OEM support offerings. Being able to keep the equipment functional that too at a steal price for an extended period is a worthy upgrade. This way, you can further allocate your budget to other vital business activities.

Streamlines your support

Investing in a reliable alternative program allows you to take advantage of a single point of contact. You can save tremendous time and effort since you will not have to juggle between different contracts or manufacturers. It is like a one-stop-shop for all your support needs.

Better availability

Most TPM providers can source the required parts as quickly as possible right from their inventory. So, you will not have to fret about wasting your IT budget while in the process. You just have to put up a request, and the team responds as soon as they receive the query.

Extends life

If the technology that you own is listed under the EOL/ EOS product category of the original manufacturer, you will not receive any services from them. So when it comes to extending the life of your networking equipment, third-party maintenance providers come to the rescue. They continue to support the machine and keep it functional even if you do not want a complete network update.

Tailored solutions

No two businesses or tech infrastructures are ever identical. Similarly, the one-size-fits-all approach is also contradictory. So it always recommended to be sure of what suits your unique requirements. Adopting alternatives may be convenient if your equipment is nearing EOL dates or if you need swappable spares. There are other options, too, like going for a mix of OEM, TPM, and spares.

But let us be honest, getting individual attention is the hardest when it comes to OEM support. So many times, you are just one of many! Alternative maintenance and support services, on the other hand, really go the extra mile to provide you prioritized and tailored solutions. You get the attention you need, the flexibility of monthly or yearly contracts, and the terms of termination with low or no penalty. Moreover, quick resolution and less waiting give you the time to increase your productivity or work on tasks that need more concentration.

Better Optimize Your Support

In hopes of getting higher returns and satisfying the economic necessities, businesses are making tough choices concerning their maintenance contracts. Knowing that unconventional alternatives exist – that too, with almost 70% savings – goes a long way in providing improved network protection and greater peace of mind.

If you are still trying to determine whether Cisco Smart alternative maintenance and support can be the appropriate choice for your IT needs, learn more about Edgeium’s Covredge offerings. We flex in ways your OEM may not, so you do not have to bend to their will when you can instead obtain greater flexibility in your support contracts.

Need First-Class Network Maintenance? Edgeium Can Help!

Cisco Smart offerings bring a lot to the table, but if you are looking for different prospects that allow you to decide what elements you want for your network infrastructure, Edgeium has got your back. We are third party planning and sourcing experts offering proactive maintenance and responsive support. We work with our customers to understand their vision and deploy the best-fit solutions. You can expect quick on-site spares, 4-hour replacements, and guaranteed next-day replacements as well.

To know how much you can save with the Edgeium maintenance program compared to Cisco Smart, call us on 469.848.4493 or email your queries at From purchasing to product guidance, and third party server maintenance, we do it all. We have globally positioned ourselves so you can avail round the clock CCIE-certified support in 20+ languages in over 50 countries. Get in touch with our representatives, and they will be readily available to offer you custom-made solutions that manage your IT hardware maintenance effectively.

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